PROGRAM Performance & Soup
The children’s cinema is happening parallel to the first performance.
You have the chance to bring your kids to the cinema, and in the meantime enjoy Live-Art!

# 1 Monday 5.12
17.00 – 17.45 Childen’s Cinema: Whistleblowing, Wild and Wild Rabbit, The pipers – mice on a string
17.00 – 17.45 “You, choir”, by Sophie Grodin

17.45  Soup for all
18.30 “Happy Happy Vineyards” by Boys* in Sync

# 2 Monday 12.12
17.00 – 17.45 Childen’s Cinema: Big Wash – Football Socks, The pipers – trip to the river, Safari Europe – Red Deer, Mighty Machines – Excavator, Dog & Fish
17.00-17.45 “Post Swirl” by Snorre Elvin

17.45  Soup for all
18.30 Din stemme I mit øre” af Sophie Grodin and Max Morris Doherty
18.45 “Fremtidsklubben presenterer!”
19.00 “Total International (Lokal)” by Andreas Liebmann and Boaz Barkan

# Monday 19.12
17.00 – 17.45 Childen’s Cinema:The naughtiest boy in the world, Sky mirror, Where is the christmas land?
17.00-17.45 “Space Between Cells” by Tanya Rydell Montan

17.45 Soup for all
18.30 “Lost title” by Sara Hamming
19.30 “End of Circle” by Fran De Pian

More informations about everyone and everything:

You, choir (work-in-progress)

a collective choir performance about desire.
It’s really good to see you. I am happy you are here. I really wanted you to be here: you and no others. We’re in it together, you, and you, and you and the rest of you, and me.

Sophie is a collaborative performance maker. Her practice is built around situations where the relationship between a small group of people becomes part of the material used in the work. The tension between the individual and the group, the fine line between performing and not performing, and the collaboration developed with the audience over the course of a performance are all elements explored in her work. Recently she has explored the choir as a way of establishing a momentary community and co-creation. Sophie has a BA from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London where she lived for many years, and this year she is finishing her MFA at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.



Happy Happy Vineyards (2021)
Four chairs on an empty stage – in Happy Happy Vineyards, Boys* in Sync are using the most iconic post dramatic theatre set up and transform it into a colorful and repulsive, happy happy dance. Again, they are examining the play „Der fröhliche Weinberg“ by Carl Zuckmayer, this time through retelling the whole plot in their very own way. Together they frame and deconstruct the heteronormative storylines of the 100 year old theatre piece, trying to answer the most urging question: Can fun be political, in a time of existential fascist threats? The friends from Poland, Norway, Denmark and Germany reflect on the rise of right wing movements in their own respective home countries and compare their European experiences with the situation of 1920’s Germany. They shit and pee and bruise and bleed, while recreating the most German theatre play that has ever been written.
Boys* in Sync is a transdisciplinary performance collective from South Africa, Denmark, Norway and Germany. Our works combine elements and methods of contemporary dance, post dramatic theatre and the South African storytelling culture as an expression of our artistic backgrounds. We work on the basis of our respective gender constructions, personal biographies & body archives. We are researching the phenomenon of cheesiness, implementing a certain nostalgia of the 90s boy band phenomenon and mixing, deconstructing and queering it with today’s reflection of masculinity. We like to set ourselves impossible scores, fail while trying, and present its outcome through moving our bodies, voices and souls. We are working in a flat structure; all of us producing, performing, shaping the performance, working with notions of shared safe spaces, breaking gender norms and borders of nations and relations. www.boysinsync.com
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Post Swirl
Post Swirl as a reflection, an adaptation, a solo version and/or a tail of the dance performance Vortex Delight. Vortex Delight is Snorre Elvin’s final performance at his masters in choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Moving through spiral pathways in a practice of walking into something more than walking the work explores states of being, repetition, transformation and the acts of seeing and being seen in a landcape in constant rotation.

Snorre Elvin is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. He works with dance as a practice of transformation, sensorial experience, pleasure, healing, performativity and queerness. Currently he’s doing an MA in choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts where he also graduated as a dancer in 2015. He is a part of the Copehangen based dance collective danseatelier and has been working with the international collective dance for plants through several years. He has presented his own and collective choreographic artworks at Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, XC.HuA, Pollution, Det Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen Contemporary, Dansehallerne, Selected Works Festival and Lothringer 13 Halle. As a dancer he has been performing for Michele Rizzo, Pedro Goméz-Egaña, Esben Weile Kjær, Tina Tarpgaard and Martin Forsberg amounts others.
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Din stemme i mit øre
Your voice in my ear is a relational, animated video-piece by Max Morris and Sophie Grodin. Over the last year, Sophie and Max have met people from Tårnby with very
different backgrounds to talk to them about moments of comfort and safety in times of crisis. The participants’ voices, drawings and writings became the starting point for this piece.

Sophie Grodin and Max-Morris Doherty are collaborators accross media: Performance, Film, Animation find their own specific voice.
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Fremtidsklubben presenterer!
Our local theatre club presents its first performance. An experiment, a process, a game.
Come and new fantasies from your fellow citizens! With Andreas, Azem, Birgitte, Delia, Ekko, Lisa, Nina, Oona, Sherish a.o.


Total International (Lokal)
In the work TOTAL INTERNATIONAL (LOKAL) #2 the Swiss performing artist Andreas Liebmann and the performer Boaz Barkan invite the audience into a domestic space containing a cello, a skateboard, old LP records and a portable gramophone. The two performers pose the question of how, as international artists, they can challenge the colonialist notion of conquering the world via air travel and digital communication. But travel is also about the imagination. The audience is therefore invited to write a letter by hand. What access to others somewhere else in the world does this open? The work presents current issues in the midst of a climate crisis in a poetic and unpretentious way. The two performers ask, amongst other things: How can you communicate with people around the world with the help of the imagination? And how can you experience a distant place without actually being there? This is where art comes into play in indicating and expressing alternatives.

Boaz Barkan holds a BA in Dance and Psychology from Cal-Arts and Empire State College, USA, teaches dance and Feldenkrais and he is the artistic director of nolands-performance et al.
Andreas Liebmann is educated at the Theaterhochschule Zürich Switzerland (Now ZHDK) and teaches direction at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. He is also the artistic director of the Tårnby Park Studio.
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Tanya Rydell Montan
space between cells
How to stay with the complexity of possible and imaginary futures and presents? This question leads the inquiry into our feelings about, and physical relationship to, the changing climate. By recycling materials from bits and pieces of research done during the last 2,5 years, this collection tries to understand itself in its process of becoming.
It is dispersed among many mappings of imaginary spaces.
It is an attempt to perform a magic trick.
It is a love letter to something not yet lost.
It is sharing a process, far more than performing outcomes.

Tanya Montan Rydell is a dance artist based in Copenhagen since 2018, where she’s busy with searching for sustainability in the precarious, challenge in the fragile and activist potential in artistic work. Since graduating from the program Dance & Participation at DASPA in 2020, her interest in connecting dance and environments has been in a continuous process. While trying to find the spaces connecting climate activism and dance, she’s involved through her company Nexus Dance with projects ranging from Esther Wrobel’s “Microgravity”, working with vertical dance and virtual reality, to productions like “Jump! Life as Performance”, working performance as both art and physical achievement, by My Prim based in Sweden. Before arriving in Denmark, she spent 8 years in Munich, first to study and later to work. Her time there was mostly spent on creating and participating in interdisciplinary works with both musicians, actors, opera-singers, and theatre directors.
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Lost Title
LOST TITLE – a cycle of testemonies about waste
LOST TITLE is research in decomposition.
– accompanying that which has been damaged, lost, pushed and broken
This time I will walk with A, the composer.
See other manifestations of LOST TITLE at www.moribund.dk

Sara Hamming, Performance artist and performance writer at Moribund. Performance / She has conceived a body of performances with by-products and re-cyclings in the form of other performances and speeches critical to the effects on and of this body.
Anja Jacobsen is a composer, singer and musician in frk. jacobsen, composer and director in Valby Vokalgruppe, co-composer and drummer in Selvhenter, teaches collective composition and rhytm at RMC, and is co-founder of Eget Værelse.
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End of cycle
For the night of “Performance and Soup” Fran De Pian will present a unique concert called “End of Circle”. This piece is the culmination of a 5 year artistic search. It will be an intimate and acoustic night revisiting songs from his 2 albums and other unreleased songs. It will count with the presence of musical guests who will join Fran to make it very hygge and special.

Fran De Pian is an argentinian musician and producer based in Copenhagen. He is always seeking for a story to share and empathize with his audience. His two albums “QORE” and “La Flor de la Lucidez” talk about planet earth, loneliness, free spirits, ants destroying your kitchen and gloomy landscapes of Argentina.
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Instructor: Siri Melchior
The little bird Whistleless flies around in vain trying to whistle, but he is so hopeless at it that those around him give up teaching him. Whistle-less steals a policeman’s whistle. Then he can join in the city’s music! But Whistle-less is now nothing but noise and trouble, and everyone tells him to be quiet! Then he gets offended. He must show them, once and for all…
DFI distribution. Denmark 2009. 5 min. Admitted for all.

Wild and Wild Rabbit
Director: Ylva-Li Gustafsson, Lennart Gustafsson
Ville lives in a rabbit cage on a farm. One day Ville gets a chance to escape. In the woods he meets Vilde, a wild rabbit. Vilde lets Ville stay with him and together they gather berries and mushrooms. Ville gets homesick and Vilde wants to help him get home. But Vilde gets hurt and now it’s Ville’s turn to help his new friend.
DFI distribution. Sweden 2006. 28 min. Admitted for all.

The Pipers – Mice on a String
Director: Tone Tarding
Series in four episodes about the barely fledged baby birds Sille and Saxe. The films are based on the 3-6 year olds’ own everyday games, and time is given to both detail and repetition. “Mice in a row”: Saxe likes to count. So when Sille and Saxe have to look after the Viggamus kids, Saxe thinks it’s no big deal, they just count them. Unfortunately, none of the mice will stand still, and suddenly they’re all gone.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2008. 5 min. Admitted for all.
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Big Wash – Football Socks
Instructor: Kassandra Wellendorf
Director Kassandra Wellendorf’s animated films Storvask are a series of short stories based on the fantasy that laundry has a life of its own behind the washing machine window. The washing machine room is transformed into an ice sea, a yarn jungle, a playground or a dangerous underwater universe.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2010. 5 min. Suitable for all.

The Pipers – The Trip to the River
Director: Tone Tarding
Series in four episodes about the barely fledged baby birds Sille and Saxe. The films are based on the 3-6 year olds’ own everyday games, and time is given to both detail and repetition. Sille and Saxe go to the river. Saxe wants to fish, but it’s not easy because the frogs are singing and the cuckoos are splashing. When he finally catches a fish, they agree to release it.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2009. 5 min. Admitted for all.

Safari Europe – Red Deer
Director: Adam Schmedes
Deer are shy. Often they stand in the field and eat, hidden in the tall grain. It’s high summer and mating season. The roebuck, the male, is busy marking his territory and the females are watching him. In the late spring, there is a rush of red grouse, and it is fitting that there is again juicy grain in the field to eat and jump around in.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2010. 6 min. Suitable for all.
Mighty Machines – Excavator Instructor: Henrik Selin Lorentzen
“Mighty machines – on wheels and caterpillar feet” is a series for the youngest children consisting of 13 short films of 6 minutes each about the machines that work on construction sites and on the roads. The excavator – or digging cow – does not have wheels, but caterpillar feet. It has a big shovel in front, which it uses to dig up the earth. The excavator works with its partner, the dumper, which can move the earth away.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2009. 6 min. Admitted for all.

Dog & Fish
Instructor: Jannik Hastrup
Dog & Fish is the story of the impossible love between a fish and a dog. And about how disappointed love can be replaced by new, life-affirming love.
DFI distribution. Denmark 2001. 15 min. Admitted for all.
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The Naughtiest Boy in the World
Director: Peter Hausner, Søren Tomas
Sallies stories is a series of delightful film stories for the youngest children and their adults. Kim Fupz Aakeson’s subtle satire in cartoon form is full of grotesque charm and anti-authoritarian philosophy of life.DFI distribution. Sweden 1992. 35mm. 14 min. Danish voiceover. Admitted for all.
DFI distribution. Denmark 1998. 7 min. Admitted for all.

Sky Mirror
Director: Carlos Salces
A nice little story about a boy who one day notices how the big planes above his head are reflected in a water hole, and tries to catch one of them. But can you keep a reflection of a plane hidden in a small wooden box?
DFI distribution. Mexico 1997. 10 min. Admitted for all.

Where is Christmas Land?

Director: Liller Møller
Animated film about Karl Ludvig, a seven centimetre tall pipe cleaner. Every Christmas, he and his pipe-smoking friends are taken out of their cardboard box and set up in a fine Christmas landscape with a gingerbread house and wicker snow – their beloved Christmas Land. But one Christmas things go wrong. A gust of wind takes Karl Ludvig away from his safe home – far into the big, scary world outside. Lost and terrified again.