The Tårnby Torv Festival 2017 was invented to explore specific approaches for local performance art. The event was called “festival” to underline its intention to create a place for fun, meeting, entertainment and dialogue – even if its size was rather small. The Tårnby Torv Festival 2017 was an artistic research pilot project with little money, staff and infrastructure. What kind of events might work as a model for the development of cultural activities between performance and community art? Tårnby Torv 7 people of the neighbourhood, politici-ans, citizens, artists and international guests joined. What does it mean to act locally and tothink globally?Andreas Liebmann, the artistic leader of the festival, is a Tårnby citizen. With his family he lives around the corner of Tårnby Torv. After many years of creating theater and performan-ces in Germany, Switzerland and other countries, he moved to Copenhagen where he is a teacher at the Dansk Scenekunstskole. His interest is to contribute with this background to the commuity he lives in. The program of the festival was created through a direct dialogue with the citizens: By sitting on the street and talking with many passers-by about their “public life” in Tårnby, Andreas Liebmann developed some “Imaginations for the place” that ended up as parts of the festival. Some people he met on the street showed up as audience, contributed to events or influenced the festival by their ideas.The first event happened the 14.10.17. He invited artists Luckas Racky and Onur Agbaba created a site specific performance that started in front of the train station and ended up in the space at Tårnby Torv 7. The festival itself happend from the 16.-18. of November 2017.

Since then, other smaller events have happened in Tårnby Torv 7: student works, a dance workshop Etc. The program attracted a variety of people: Tårnby citizens, students, politicians, and invited guests from Germany, Hungary and Macedonia.

Here you can read an interview with Andreas Liebmann about the process and the festival by Mette Garfield, published in Iscene.dk
Interview by Mette Garfield with Andreas Liebmann in Iscene.dk 



During autumn 2017:

Street performance for dialogue: “What is your public life in Tårnby”Meeting passers-by at Tårnby Torv and surrounding.
Street performance by Andreas Liebmann.


Pre event: Lørdag 14. oktober 3 p.m.

Tårnby – it’s happening. Opening performance by Lukas Racky and Onuar Agbaba.



Torsdag 16. november

20.00 – 21.30 Public Space Odyssey – Debate about oplevelser and eksperimenter in performance art Something for medborgerskab and art med Dirk Cieslak (D), Sarah Günther (HU), Andreas Liebmann (DK), Jan Philip Possmann (D), Biljana Tanu-rovska (MKD)

9.30pm – 10.30pm Public drinks at Oksen Bodega


Fredag 17. november

10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. internal workshop for DDSKS students in art, politics and institutions. In front of the fire international guests from the experience and eksperimenter om the association of the public kvar-terområder

7.30pm – 9.30pm Imaginations for a place – Oplæg og soup til all Andreas Liebmann presenter, artistic forskningsmateriale fra Tårnby and rest of Europe, guests: Hubert Franz, Morten Goll


Lørdag d. 18 november

10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. Public space table: DDSKS student inviterer to coffee and dialog udenfor Tårnby Torv 7

11.00 Dreams for sale:Josefina, Martin, Mikela & Oliver – Unge from Tårnby fortæller om deres erfaringer og ønsker omkring culture

12.00 “50 farlige ting” – Live Art for Børn. Forestilling for børn fra 4 år af Live Art for Børn

13.30 Koncert med musikskoleelever fra cultural zones:
Julie – guitar and vocal // ‘Den Laks Skal Ned’ – et band med 2 guitar, percussion and vocal

14.15 Sports and politics: Øvelser for kroppe and chamber advisor with Yusuf Alin, Ingelise Andersen, Dirk Cieslak, Sarah Günther, Yassi-ne Idrissi, Jens Lauridsen, Andreas Liebmann, Frants Nielsen, Jan-Philip Possmann, Biljana Tanurovska

16.00 Neighborhood imaginationsDDSKS-student from their work faringer from Tårnby Torv18.00 Soup & samvær

19.00 Tårnby – it’s happening af Onur Agbaba and Lukas Racky

21.00 Public space party with Dj Fabulous & Rocky feat Karin Bergman & Sara Vita