A Theatre Club for all generations again from 15. August! Every Tuesday 16.00-17.30
From 15.8.2023, theatre enthusiasts can again come to Tårnby Park Studio. If you are between 8 and 99 years old and curious to explore yourself and the world around you through theatre, dance, video and improvisation, you are very welcome! (Children under the age of 8 in company of an adult.) Registration is required but participation is free of charge Want to join? Write us! or call: 91 53 37 15

About “Fremtidsklubben”
“Fremtidsklubben” was created last year, 2022, and over the course of 8 months, a diverse group developed a performance, which was shown in December at the Tårnby Park Community Center in front of an enthusiastic audience. This year we will continue with regular meetings of our “Fremtidsklubben” (“The future club”) to create two public events during the year.

This time: Frankenstein and the airport. – To be shown in November 2023
This year the club ventures into a rather unconventional classic of literature: Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein. We will find the contemporary in this ancient novel and playfully explore topics such as Frankenstein’s monster’s search for love, the alien, the misunderstood and we look critically at today’s technological inventions (=monsters?). The airport, as our technological, touristic and economic monster will be part of the performance. Premiere: Mid November 2023!

Everyone is welcome. Children under the age of 8 only in the company of an adult.

The club is be led by Andreas Liebmann (50), artistic director of Tårnby Park Studio, theatre educator, also theatre artist, Delia C. Keller (34), theatre teacher and video artist, and Birgitte Skands (60+), dance teacher and dancer.

We offer performance-based physical training, choreography, shadow play, fine arts, film and theatre, and experiential site-specific performance techniques to artistically explore one’s surroundings. This leads to a creative dialogue with oneself, the group and the environment. We create relationships between people of different ages.
We believe this can be a unique experience: not just playing amongst each other and developing artistically, but suddenly collaborating with people from different generations. We enjoy the unconventional play between ages and backgrounds, respecting each other’s differences and making them artistically productive.
The club should be established on a weekly basis. We will start on March 21, 2023. Then it will run until the fall, and will take place on a weekday for two hours, except during holidays.

Supported by  Boligforening Tårnbyhuse, af Tårnby Kommune, Statens Kunstfonds (Huskunstnerordning)