Tårnby Park Studio

House warming was the opening of Tårnby Park Studio. The house warming was spread over 3 weeks and culminated on the 25th June 2020.

At the house warming there were many artists present who had worked at the site within
the prior three weeks:

Performance artist Johnathan Bonnici, Dancer Andreas Haglund and Agnes Grélinger, Dramaturge Kenni Antonsen, Set Designers and Architects Simone
Vestergaard and Simone Bartholin, Musicians Kevin Eagle Oliver and Gareth Davies,
Tårnbyhuse key person Malene Pedersen, fotographer Kevin Nduati, Musician Daniel
Sousa, Production Manager Pernille Steen-Kabell, artistic director Andreas Liebmann and
many more. Together they created an open atmosphere with concerts, performances,
kids-workshops, food and drinks. If not a fixed promise, then at least a door opener with a glance into the future. 
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