I wish that many more performances so clearly explored this kind of tangible issue and managed to engage with a local population in such a beautiful way. It was art that I would like to see a lot more of! I would like to see a lot more performances that so clearly investigate this kind of tangible issue and manage to be so beautifully engaging for a local population. This was art that I would like to see a lot more of! (Karin Hald on B.Blog)

Amager’s aviation life takes the stage in a new show with local voices

Denmark’s largest workplace, Copenhagen Airport, is the center of a performance that travels into the heart of Amager’s complex relationship with aviation; In the performance “Airport in Pieces”, the voices of Amager’s residents rise above the roar of the runway to tell their stories of living with and by the airport, dreams of traveling, and solving the challenges of the aviation industry in the face of climate change.

Staging: Andreas Liebmann
Development and Performance: FUKK (Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere)+David Sebastian Lopez,
Visual concept, video, masks: Max Morris Doherty
Casting: Samling (Helle Egsgaard and Marie Boye Thomsen)
Choreography Fremtidsklubben: Birgitte Skands
Production frame: Amanda Tilia Hamelle
Production assistant & artistic support: Nadja Mattioli
Particpants: Fremtidsklubben (Jacob, Viktoria og Christina Strandgaard Andersen, Nina Marie Sindahl, Ekko og Oona Liebmann, Sherish Saqib), Morten Ammitzbøll, Jørgen Hagen, Dragan Sørensen, Martin Erik Dworak, Meet Singh, Per Reichgruber, Knud N. Flensted, Sarkaut Tofiq, Nikolaj Kristensen, Grethe Bille, Gert Adriansen, Matúš Duda, Kenneth Burchhardt, Ørestads Kor

Music: Matthias Loose
Costumes: Max Morris Doherty, Nadja Mattioli, Mette Sangaard Diederiksen
Technical Responsible and SOME: Fran De Pian

Special Thanks:
Sophie Grodin
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt
Helene Filskov Bjerre Jensen
Brian Lykkegard
Paul Doherty


Date: 15.11 at 19.00 / 17.11. at 19.00 / 18.11 at 17.00
Location: Tårnby Main Library, Kamillevej 10

Duration: 2 hours

Audience: From 12 years of age

The site-specific performance is made in and about Amager, weaving together fragments of stories from airport workers, student pilots, an environmental activist and even a 12-year-old aspiring pilot. The show is an exploration of Amager’s dependence on the economic, ecological and ideological impact of the airport, set against global issues of technology, work, progress and CO2 reduction. The thought-provoking performance invites visitors into a unique experience that takes place at Tårnby Main Library. The performance was originally invited by the airport itself to take place in Terminals 2 and 3, but then, in the end, the airport cancelled the collaboration because of the fear that environmental activists would use the performance to demonstrate.

The *Amarkans” speak
In Airport in Pieces, citizens speak. The first part of the performance is a poetic documentary featuring airport workers, student pilots, former flight attendants, archaeologists, airport neighbors and many more. The funeral director talks about his job of sending or receiving bodies from and to Denmark. The 12-year-old boy talks about his airplane collection and his dream of becoming a pilot. The environmental activist talks about his concerns and his wondering, that – despite overwhelming proof on a daily basis, the nation states, business and also private people do not really take decisive action. The vomit bag collector presents his impressive collection.

People’s theater
Airport in Pieces combines documentary theater, public intervention, science and poetry. It engages citizens with their own stories. A cloud falls from the sky. Service staff from the 60s greet visitors and guide them through terminals three and two, where the performance is shown. The Ørestad choir sings to the birds. The artistic intention is to create an experimental “people’s theater” for our time: accessible to all, focusing on important societal challenges and inviting dialogue.

The importance of the airport for Amager
Copenhagen Airport is a dominant factor on Amager. People, nature, industry. At the same time, it connects little Denmark with the whole world, boosting tourism, global family relationships and the economy. During the covid crisis, another side of the massive materialization of the human dream of flying really came to the fore and Tårnby felt its economic dependence on the airport as the number of unemployed increased. Now the working conditions have changed and the airport is thriving again. There is no one on Amager who is not affected by this huge machine of economic, ecological and ideological influence.

Airport in Pieces is staged by Andreas Liebmann from Tårnby Park Studio and developed in collaboration with FUKK (Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere), performance artist David Sebastian Lopez, video and mask artist Max Morris Doherty and the artist duo Samling (Helle Egsgaard and Marie Boye Thomsen).

The performance also includes the local Ørestad Choir and the amateur performance group Fremtidsklubben, which is part of Tårnby Park Studio’s activities in Tårnbyhuse.

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Performance details:
Date: 15.11 at 19.00 / 17.11. at 19.00 / 18.11 at 17.00
Location: Tårnby Man Library, Kamillevej 10

Tårnby Park Studio
Tårnbypark Alle 79
2770 Kastrup