Dear visitors, citizens, neighbors.

What does it mean „to be neighbours“? In the public discourse, neighbourship is sometimes portrayed as an uncomplicated state of co-living and helpfulness. Only positive feelings. Are we good neighbours? Many of us have many more online friends around the earth, than neighbours we know from our direct environment. Do you trust your neighbours? Do you have time for them? Do you help them? Do you know them at all? In the current European situation, we have learned something new about neighbours. Some say that Ukraine is our neighbour state, a part of a European family, and therefore should be welcomed differently than refugees from other countries. Is this the way we want to understand neighbourship? Can we choose our neighbours? Let’s talk about it!

With the Tårnby Park Performance Festival, we invite you to act as neighbours, to become neighbours. It is an invitation to meet people and artworks that you have not met before. We invite you to spend time with artists that spend a lot of time in your neighborhood in the following days. Proletar Theatre spends 80 hours in the park. The performance „Here and now, extended“ invites you to spend a whole night in the Community House – in a state between lucid dreaming and hyper-awakeness. Neighbourship has to do with time, in some ways – it takes time to get to know each other.

Therefore, Tårnby Park Studio spends time in Tårnbyparken. This is our third year here, slowly getting to know you. The festival lasts five days. We have around thirty events. Some events happen more than once. We invite you to join this variety and richness.

A lot of young artists join us in the festival – some of them are only about to graduate. Many neighbors join us too! In the movie „Tårnby får besøg“ you will experience an E.T. doll visiting Tårnby, its politicians, your neighbors! The exhibition „Who lives in the neighborhood“ presents army veterans that live in Tårnby. The workshop „Talking helmets“ gives your kids five days of playing with materials, and with each other.

Come, be curious! Check out the program! There is something here for you.


Andreas Liebmann, Marie Skjøtt Thorup & Tanya Montan Rydell

Tårnby Park Performance Festival