Tårnby Park Performance Festival

Tårnby Park Performance Festival is a 5-day cultural event in Tårnby, which takes place 14.-18. June 2022. The festival presents international and local theatre artists, dance performances, film and much more. It is a space to spend time together and enjoy summer, culture and food. An important factor is that we work together with Amager’s residents. We therefore invite everyone to bring friends, family and colleagues and take part in cultural experiences in the neighbourhood!

Tuesday 18.00 and Wednesday 18.00
In front of the community centre
Bring your own food! We have the drinks.
You are the artist!

Whole Week from Tuesday 14.6. 14.00 – Friday 22.00.
WE WORK FROM HOME TODAY – af Proletar Teater
Wednesday kl 17.00-17.30 Valdemarsday Ceremony
Thursday kl. 17.00: Competition day
Friday kl. 21.30: Finale
Place: Park and Café (Finale, Friday kl. 21.30)
THIS IS NOT A CAMPING TRIP – IT’S LIFE OR DEATH. Proletar Teater isolates three performers in Tårnbyparken! They must survive for three days without food, drink or phone… that is, unless their neighbours help them. Come to their rescue as we ask what the corona crisis has really done to us and our way of communicating. How our neighbourhoods and communities have changed and how much we can help each other when everything is burning. What kind of world exists after COVID?
Proletar Theatre develops new resource-conscious ways of producing performing arts. We must address the overconsumption that happens in Danish performing arts. Therefore, our vision for the stage of the future is that the available performing arts resources will dictate the expression of the performance – rather than the current status quo of sourcing materials after developing the concept of the performance.


A collaboration with Børnekulturhus Ama’r.
Presentation Saturday 13.00 – 
Around the Community HousE
Collaboration with Børnekulturhus Ama’r.
Come and dance with us! Do you want to be part of the small dance performance – flashmob at Tårnby Park Festival? You don’t need any dance experience, just the joy of movement and the knowledge that there is a future. The flashmob-like dance performance will take place on 18 June at 13.00
Birgitte Skands is a dance and performance artist graduated from The Juilliard School in New York. Birgitte has through her lifetime put down roots in many dance traditions, and is an experienced dance facilitator who incorporates creativity, theatre play, musicality in a welcome playful interaction between children young, adults.
Delia C. Keller graduated as a theatre pedagogue (MA) from Zurich University of the Arts 2018. Since 2016 Delia works as a freelance art educator in theatres, schools and museums (international). In collaboration with other artists she has developed projects in the field of art education in the span between visual and performing arts for young people, adults, and children.
Fremtidsklubben is a multi-generational theatre workshop in Tårnby Park Studio. Join us! Talk to Delia about it! Saturday’s presentation is co-created by Birgitte Skands (Dancer), Andreas Liebmann (Performance Artist) and several residents from Tårnby.

Tuesday 14.6. 16.00. Start Tårnby Main Library, afterwards Amager Landevej and Tårnbyparken
Tuesday 14.6.  18.30 – Tårnbyparken in front of the Community Center
The Zadar Gang – by Le Fil à la Patte
A collaboration with Børnekulturhus Ama’r and Puppet Junior Festival.
Three strange characters have moved away from their country and come to get lost in our world. What are they looking for? What are they carrying in their huge bags? A few lost legends, a few messages, a few dreams… Come closer… come and meet them and let yourself be seduced by their sympathy and their jokes. Le Fil à la Patte is from France and has travelled the world with their show ‘The Zadar Gang’.
Director: Gaelle Fraysse, Idea/Concept: Olivier Mignot, Puppets: Olivier Mignot, Anne-Gaëlle Ponche and Benoît Cormoran, Costumes: Julie Z, Medvirkende: Olivier Mignot, Anne-Gaëlle Ponche and Benoît Cormoran.

Børnekulturhus Ama’r
and Tårnby Park Studio have an ongoing dialogue about common activities.
In relation to Puppet Junior Festival 2022, their first collaboration is being coined as the two institutions share this artistic contribution, The Zadar Gang, and the kids workshop ‘Talking Helmets’ with artists Delia Keller and Mathias Loose.

Wednesday 15.6. 19.00 – Community House
DIN STEMME I MIT ØRE – af Sophie Grodin og Max Morris-Doherty
Your voice in my ear is a a relational, animated video-piece by Max Morris-Doherty and Sophie Grodin. Over the last year, Sophie and Max have met people from Tårnby with very different backgrounds to talk to them about moments of comfort and safety in times of crisis. The participants’ voices, drawings and writings became the starting point for this piece, shown for the first time as part of Tårnby Park Performance Festival.
Max Morris-Doherty is an animator and video artist from Manchester, based in Copenhagen. He works with analogue materials and processes, documentation, music and community building.  
Sophie Grodin is a collaborative performance maker, based in Copenhagen, presently studying a Masters in Directing at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Her work explores the fine line between the real and the fictitious, and she’s occupied with family relations and dynamics, both her own and that of others.

Wednesday 15.6. 19.00 – Community House
TÅRNBY FÅR BESØG – EFTER E.T. AF STEVEN SPIELBERG – by Boaz Barkan og Andreas Liebmann
A little doll that looks like E.T. visits Tårnby. But an agent from Copenhagen is hunting for it. The stars of the film are the inhabitants of Tårnby: a bus driver, an elderly lady from the nursing home, politicians from different parties, the fire brigade, and the mayor Allan Andersen!
Boaz Barkan and Andreas Liebmann present the film that portraits Tårnby from a suprisingly poetic side.
Andreas Liebmann, Performance Artist, founder of the Tårnby Park Studio. Working as a freelancer local and internationally. Teacher in the directors line at The Danish National School for Performing Arts. Boaz Barkan, Choreographer, performer and practitioner in the fields of dance, performance and somatic practice. Background: BA in dance and psychology. Body Weather Laboratory and Feldenkrais practitioner.. www.boazbarkan.dk

Thursday 16.6. 16.00-18.00 – Around the Community House
THE PICNIC & THE FOUNTAINS – af Joana Öhlschläger, Lara Ostan Vejrup, Nadja Bounenni
Within an odd, colorful, steadily unfolding universe three heroines are hosting a picnic by the fountains, stumbling into a long overdue negotiation between themselves and their environment.  The Picnic & The Fountains is a performance installation which reflects on and re-imagines our past and current performative-aesthetic practices around food and water, in the light of the climate crisis and our changing relation to consumption and consumerism.
Joana, Lara and Nadja are independent artists in the field of dance and choreography. Together they formed KOMMA Performance Productions in 2021, as a way to build support structures and community around artistic self-production. The association supports freelance performing artists to realize their work.
Credits: Choreography and performing: Joana Ellen Öhlschläger, Nadja Bounenni, Lara Vejrup Ostan. Scenography: Anders Toft Pedersen. Dramaturgical advice : Kristoffer Lundberg, Katrine Krohn. Produktion: KOMMA Performance Productions

Thursday 20.45 – Community House
Friday 19.45 – Community House
LOST TITLE  – af Sara Hamming
LOST TITLE is re-use of waste and research in decomposition. LOST TITLE is a performance about that which has been damaged, lost, pushed and bent down – a performance about accompanying that which has been damaged, lost, pushed and bent down. The performance is based on research and notes for other manifestations of LOST TITLE.
Sara Hamming, performance artist and performance writer, with a praxis of using experience in performance as text and text in performance as a way of turning biographies away from the comparison to the graph of growth paradigm. See other works at www.moribund.dk


Thursday 15.6. 19.00 – In front of the Community House
Barely There – af Denise Lim og Stina Ehn

‘Barely there’ is a dance performance that has the charm of a magic show. Magic –  but no trick! It evokes a look at the everyday with a sense of wonder: Cars, washing machines, sunglasses appear and disappear. Nothing achieves its full function. Objects and symbols build up, break down and come back. A dancer in a scenography, interacting with drawings and objects. The everyday has the potential to be enchanted.
Barely There was performed at the now defunct Bank in February 2020. Together with Stina Ehn, a new duet begins to take shape. We look forward to sharing material from our residency at Dance Nucleus Singapore earlier this year!
Denise Lim (b. Malaysia, 1998) is a Singaporean freelance dance artist, currently based in Berlin. She situates her practice between movement and language – how ideas can inform the dancing and how the dancing can, in turn, transform these ideas. Denise holds a BFA in Dance and Choreography from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. Since January 2022, she is a member of Altes Finanzamt e.V., a queer feminist collective in Berlin Neukölln.
Stina Ehn (b. 1996, Sweden) works with dance and choreography, and is currently based in Stockholm. Often in collaboration with others, her work addresses the close proximity of everyday observations and art.
A collaboration between Denise Lim and Stina Ehn

Performed by Denise Lim 
Choreography: Denise Lim og Stina Ehn, Dramaturgy: Oda Brekke, Administration: Oda Brekke, Projektcentret, Dansehallerne; Funding of the residencies: Tårnby Park Studio og Dance Nucleus Singapore as a part of ARTEFACT creation residency.  Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, Nordisk Kulturfond, Konstnärsnämnden (SE), National Arts Council Singapore, og Goethe Institute Singapore.

Thursday 16.6. and Friday 17.6. 18.00 – Community House
HERD OF LONELY FOXES – Ceremony of Interconnectedness – PREMIERE
af Gylleboverket (SE)
Gylleboverket’s performance invites you to a common cooking party! Come eat with us and others! Preparation, eating, fiction and reality become one. Herd of Lonely Foxes is about community and loneliness, about what we are part of and what becomes part of us. It is a part of the festival’s ecosystem – a social sculpture in a circular pattern, a ritual for the food, the trees, the stars, for the people and the more than human world.
Gylleboverket works with deep ecology. Everything is relationships, interconnected, intertwined. An ecosystem with ramifications that run through everything we see and everything we can only sense, but which nevertheless exists.
Once upon a time, man began to explain things by separating them. We were to be seen as separate beings – man and nature, body and soul, you and I. But none of this is true – every cell in our body carries the memory of the universe within it, a universe of which we are all a part. Gylleboverket is an artist group whose practice extends across performative experiments, rituals, film, sitespecific installations, permaculture, social sculpture and deep ecology. They exhibit across the country of Sweden and abroad. Alongside with their artistic practice they also run a platform for contemporary arts & permaculture in the countryside of Southern Sweden.


Thursday 16.6. 21.30 – Community House
Friday 17.6. 20.30 – Community House
TRUE  STORY by Jonathan Bonnici & Satya Bhabha
TRUE STORY is a dance on the thin line between reality and fiction. Multi-disciplinary performing artists Satya Bhabha and Jonathan Bonnici explore the function of story as a vital human connective tissue, while exposing the ineluctably active role of each individual audience member. Two performers stand on a bare stage telling an ever-evolving series of stories. As their scenes unfold they create a flexible and porous world of narratives, involving and implicating everyone present along with the performance space itself. The audience becomes both author and actor in the drama, as the boundaries between storyteller and listener, imagination and reality, and truth and fiction begin to blur. We are all familiar with stories as an escape from reality, but in TRUE STORY they are revealed to be a far greater thing: the fabric of reality itself.
Jonathan and Satya met while playing brothers in the play Holy Warriors at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. They had both been through traditional actor training programs – Jonathan at RADA and Satya at Yale – and had worked in theatre, film, and television.Though their interests have expanded beyond the theatre, Satya and Jonathan never lost their fascination with the connective power of storytelling. The conversation that led to the creation of TRUE STORY began three years ago, and has spanned residencies in Copenhagen, London, and Mumbai. In 2020 Satya and Jonathan were invited to Ljubljana by performance company Via Negativa, whose artistic director Bojan Jablanovec joined the duo in shaping the final form of the piece.
CREDITS: Satya Bhabha & Jonathan Bonnici in collaboration with Bojan Jablanovec. Administrator: Gry Raaby, Body Work: Klavs Tarp ,Translation: Morten Dalhoff, Co-produced by Via Negativa and Target Margin,  Finansiering by Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgaards Fond.


Friday 17.6.  22.15 – 05.42 – Community House
By Sonja Pregrad, Lea Anić, Ivna Franić, Neža Knez
Experience the community in the quiet and suspended time. A performance for the duration of a whole night. A film from the forest, a slow dance of wax and the body, a poem about the passing of time, a drag performance, a selection of sundowns and daybreaks, a playlist of the songs for the time in-between. An invitation to you, your friends, colleagues, strangers, to spend the night in a different state of mind. Go in and out. Be next to other people. See. Eat. Sleep. Soften. Fine-tune your sensitivity.
Lea, Ivna, Neža and Sonja are a loose collective formed around this work: they work across different media and geographies, they’ve already collaborated on other projects, and are friends. Sonja has a dance background, with a focus on objecthood and sensuousness, and is involved in a number of self-organized platforms and events related to performing arts in Zagreb. Ivna is a writer, music and cultural critic, and DJ who has contributed to independent media and organized experimental music events across different venues in Zagreb and Copenhagen. Lea is a visual artist whose practice revolves around tangible manifestations of the invisible and everyday echoes of socio-political context, as well as art education and the methods of transferring knowledge. Neža’s interest lays in the (moving) picture and the space around it –  combining them with objects and voice, she creates different environments of sensations.

Saturday 18.6. 14.00 15.30
After five days of different happenings relating to the topic of Neighbourhood, we want to wrap up the festival with a special event: The NEIGHBOURHOOD PICNIC. We walk through Tårnbyparken. We share a picnic. We meet and talk. How do we live side by side with our neighbours? How can we be good neighbours? Where does the idea of neighbourhood stop? Is a neighbour more valuable to us than someone from further away?

(Project development)  by Tanya Montan Rydell and Simone Juice (Foto), Idea: Dirk Cieslak (Vierte Welt, Berlin)
This exhibition is the pilot project in TPS’s future series on our  neighbours. The artist Tanya Montan Rydell visits army veterans in their homes on Amager and listens to their stories. The photographer Simone Juice documents the conversations, and together pictures, quotes and recordings form the exhibition about people who, with a very specific role, have visited foreign neighborhoods in crisis. How have their experiences shaped their view on society?
Tanya Montan Rydell (SE) is a freelance dance artist and climate activist based in Copenhagen since 2018. Through her company Nexus Dance, she focuses on artistic work which holds the potential to invite a broad range of people into the creative process, and projects where activism and dance have space to intermingle and strengthen each other.
Simone Juice is a photographer living in Copenhagen. Juice has earlier worked within art and fashion photography, but opened the door to photographic journalism lats year. She is now enjoying the contrast between the theatrical pieces, and the specific reality of photo journalism.

SoundDance: – AFLYST

[English Below]

8.-9. June kl. 10-16
CURRICULUM: SoundDance workshop with Jule Flierl
What are possible ways of relating the moving body and the voice? This class is a somatic approach to the vocal apparatus, experiencing voice as presence, voice as feedback system, voice as dance. Sounding, speaking, silence, stillness, movement and imagination are introduced as tools to perform and to compose.
SoundDance is a concept that has been formulated first by performance artist Valeska Gert in the late 1920’s. The method expands the material of the dancer by adding voice as a way of dancing. By attempting to narrate the historic transition from silent dancing to sounding dancing, the workshop offers to reflect on the significance of voice in choreography and dance.
Jule Flierl writes and participates in the history of SoundDance. Her research concerns the precarious relationship of the dancer to their voice. Flierl works with a somatic voice method called the Lichtenberger Methode, which explores anatomy and imagination in relationship to frequencies and pre-musical sounding. The friction between her knowledge in various contemporary dance techniques and her voice training have produced choreographic works that explore voice as dance through a historic lens. She hosts the voice performance series „From Breath to Matter“ in Berlin.

The workshop is part of Curriculum – public school of performance art. First come first served by registering on email to c.u.schmidt@hum.ku.dk.
The workshop is for free, but a 500kr deposit will be required by signing up.
Supported by Danish Arts Council, Bikubenfonden and Goethe Institut Kopenhagen.



Foto: Matjaž Rušt

Foto: Matjaž Rušt